SKIN SAPIENS all ages genders and skin types, even sensitive


We're here to help you find your natural glow. 

No secret sauces, no pseudoscience, no wasteful packaging. Instead as an indie skincare company, we apply the wisdom of the natural world to skincare, so that you can feel comfortable in your own skin.


You shouldn't need a post-grad degree in Chemistry to understand what your putting onto your body, or into the environment. We have that control over our nutrition. It's time we had it for our skincare too. Only then can each and everyone of us make the best choices for our skin, and for the planet.


If knowledge is power, then learning is empowerment.

That's why you can find the plant origin of every ingredient on the back of each SKIN SAPIENS pack. It's why we share the recycled content of every packaging component on every label too. And it's why we design everything we make to be recycled again. And again.  

SKIN SAPIENS transparency empowers


Everything we make and everything we do is built on a simple mantra. Nothing wasteful. Nothing hidden. Nothing oversold.

When we get to work on a new product, we pair nature's best active botanicals with common skin concerns. Then we work hard to leave everything else out. We do the same with our packaging.

It's what keeps what we make fresh, stripped back. It's what keeps us true to our word. It's what puts you back in control of how you look after your skin.

Simply, it's the difference between finding your glow, and muddling through.


If it carries the SKIN SAPIENS name then it is ALWAYS:

  1. Natural - certified ECOCERT COSMOS natural, green" without the "greenwashing".
  2. Vegan - approved by The Vegan Society.
  3. International Cruelty-Free -Leaping Bunny certified.
  4. Uncluttered - to contain only the best plant-powered actives.
  5. Effective - does what it says on the pack.
  6. Honest - no nonsense claims.
  7. Open - inclusive for all races and genders, free from secrets and surprises.
  8. Circular - made from the highest recycled packaging content, and designed to be recycled again.*
  9. Giving - with a donation to charities fighting our climate crisis on every sale.**
  10. Guaranteed - If we don't live up to your expectations, get your money back, no questions asked. Check our simple refund policy to see how.

*That means absolutely no, zero, nada, single-use plastics, black plastic, nor composite materials, which can all be hard to recycle. 

** As 1% for the Planet Members, 1% of every sale proudly goes to charities fighting climate change.

SKIN SAPIENS 1% for the planet


SAPIENS / is from an old Latin word meaning “WISE”.
SAPIENS / used with homo / an Ancient Greek word meaning “SAME”.
Together SAME / WISE.
Or, in modern language, LIKE/WISE.
Not a single person, nor a product. 
Not a baby range nor a skincare brand but a collective. Together, we are SKIN SAPIENS. 

A philosophy for skincare, which centres on you, and likeminded people. A group of people who share a vision for a better future. 

If that sounds like it's your brew, then it’s you too...

Peace. Love. Glow, naturally.


SKIN SAPIENS Certifications  



PS. If you want to know more about the journey behind the philosophy, check out our story.