Way Back in 2017, we Had an Idea

Welcome to a new age in skincare.

We believe that everybody should know what they put on their skin and into the environment. We believe in nature. We believe in the planet and most of all, we believe in transparency.

That’s why we list every ingredient and what it does on our packaging. Yes, all of them. In plain English. And that’s why our packaging is made up of recycled plastic. The skincare revolution is here. 

Join the movement.

Way Back in 2017, we Had an Idea

So, call me crazy, but back in 2017 we had an idea.

My wife, Irene and I had just welcomed our baby boy, Alex into the world. Before his birth, we'd spent 9 months looking after everything we ate to give our baby the best start we could. When he was born, everything changed. We couldn’t find anything we understood to look after his skin.

For the first time, we felt we were losing control.

Between us, we were licensed in pharmacy, spent 4 years studying Medical Engineering and since spent my career in the beauty industry. Neither of us in a place where we could turn over a baby care product, or ours, read the label and understand everything we found.

What’s worse, as a new parent I was starting to get seriously agitated at the amount of waste we were generating. With single-use plastic nappies and baby wipes coming out of our ears, I was making more trips to the “do not recycle, incinerate or landfill me” bin than ever. The idea of picking up more wasteful packaging in his skincare, or mine, wasn’t exciting me, one bit.

How about a little change?

My stout grumpiness set me on a journey. Along the way, I have met some incredibly kind and talented people. And we’ve grown into a small, passionate team who like to think beyond our means.

We started with a single vision - to put people back in control, of what they put on their skin and into the environment, through the products they buy. Beyond job number one, looking after Alex’s bottom, we want to bring real, genuine transparency to the world of skincare. For all people, irrespective of age, race or gender.

To make it happen, we'd need to go back to basics on everything. 

From the active ingredients chosen to care for your skin, to the way they were blended AND the way they were packaged. Even the words typically used to describe what's inside. We ditched the industry standard assumptions, and started from fresh, with a blank sheet. 

A healthy bout of head scratching, research, trial and error later. We've created something new. More than natural or skincare, what we’ve set out to create is something totally original. A total rethink on the way people approach skincare.

We only have one business plan.

To make great natural skin care products with as few ingredients as possible.

Without a negative effect on the environment.

Our mantra: 

Only then, can we put the power in your hands to control what you put on your skin, and into the planet.


Oh, and the name?

Derma-what? Phyto-who? Jargon-a-what’s-it? Nah, we’ll pass.

Our name isn’t about a product, or a surname. Not one individual, but a tribe. 


SAPIENS / from an old latin word meaning “WISE”.
SAPIENS / used with homo / an Ancient Greek word meaning “SAME”.
Together SAME / WISE
Or, in modern language, LIKE/WISE 


Together we are SKIN SAPIENS.

A group of people who share our vision for a better future. If this sounds like your cup'a tea, that’s you.

Join the movement for a better skin, and planet.

Ps. We mean it when we say we're pushing our vision beyond our means. We need your help!

Our formula is developed and tested. Our packaging is designed. Now, we’re good to go on our first two ranges, 3 products for baby and 3 for grown-ups.

On the 11th June 2019 we'll kick-off with a pre-launch on Indiegogo. To help pay for our first production, we'll be making our product available to pre-order.

Get yours, sign-up here, for Early Bird Discounts.

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