Why are prebiotics so important for balanced skin?

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If you’ve watched TV in the past decade you’ve probably seen an advert for probiotics. They’re working too! Google searches for “gut health” were up 400% between 2015 and 2020, with the promise to keep your intestinal flora thriving for a happy healthy body. Less known, prebiotics are part of an expanding research into the study of the skin’s flora, also known as microbiome. 

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So, what do these two terms mean? So, we could say that our skin flora or microbiome is a complex environment covered with a diverse number of bacteria. In a summarized way, these can be classified as either “good” or “bad”.  As you may know, the microbiome is our first line of defence against disease, redness, inflammation and infection, that’s why it’s so important to keep it  healthy and balanced. We know the theory is pretty straight forward but the practice …. that’s far more complicated. Keeping your flora balanced is quite a difficult task. We are continuously being exposed to factors that disturb it. But don’t panic! Prebiotics can help you a lot. 

What are prebiotics?

So now that we have a basis, let’s talk about the interesting part. What do we mean by prebiotics? In a simple way, they are considered to be the “food” for our good bacteria. This means, they help the beneficial bacteria in our skin and body grow and get stronger. 

And the difference with the more familiar probiotics? Well, while prebiotics are the “food”, probiotics are the “living” good bacteria in our skin and body. So, in a summarized way; probiotics are alive and prebiotics are dead. But both of them are equally important to keep your skin and body healthy and working well. Read more about it here. 

Benefits of prebiotics on your skin

prebiotics vs probiotics, prebiotics and probiotics, prebiotics supplements, sensitive skin to touch, sensitive skin

Okay, so as we said before both pre and probiotics are really important to keep our skin’s microbiome looking healthy and balanced. The problem is that probiotics can only be eaten, you will never find them in cosmetics. Why? because they are alive and cannot be viably introduced into a cosmetic formulation. The good news is that prebiotics can, in fact they can be eaten or applied directly to the skin flora to increase their beneficial effects. 

  1. Maintain healthy skin, reducing the colonisation of bad bacteria and minimising infections, acne, redness and eczema. Although beneficial for all skin types, they’re specially useful for those with the acid mantle and lipid barrier compromised, that is people with sensitive, dry or cracked skin. 
  2. They ensure our skin is at the right pH. This is really important to protect the natural barrier from breaking down and letting external toxins pass through. 
  3. Calms and soothes irritated skin. 

They are beneficial and can be used by all skin types, from oily to dry, but are particularly useful to people with; sensitive, acne or eczema prone skin, dry or cracked, or have been on a course of antibiotics. 

Skin sapiens balance serum with prebiotics and hyaluronic acid for sensitive skin

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