Why luxury shouldn't cost the Earth.

In the 18th century, luxury was driven by sinful desires and selfish fantasies. Fur coats, hunting holidays and slavery were enjoyed by the global elite. Thankfully, that world view is a thing of in the past. Sustainability is very much "in"! Yet sustainable luxury is an oxymoron by definition... let's discuss!

Why luxury shouldn't cost the Earth.

A long time ago, in the 18th century, luxury had a completely different image. Driven by sinful desires and selfish fantasies, fur coats, hunting holidays and slavery were enjoyed by the global elite.


Nowadays, we’ve come full circle: sustainability is where luxury is at. When it comes to fashion, designers are finding eco-friendly solutions for their collections that not only care for the planet but also the people: fur is out, animal suffering is firmly out, sweatshops?...out!

Fashion designers like Stella McCartney are a ray of light in this sustainable movement; working hard to on more sustainable fabrics. The world of beauty is transforming too. However, we know it’s easier to embrace sustainability when the price is high and the money is flowing. 

Sustainable = luxury?

The funny thing, though, is that sustainability CAN’T be a luxury. It's an oxymoron. By definition, luxury is everything above simple necessity... And simply, we NEED a more sustainable future, don’t we? The world we will pass on to our children depends on it!

Voltaire once said, “Good taste becomes an heirloom”. Well, finally, good taste is waking up to the idea that the very best heirloom we can leave future generations is a pristine planet to live on. 

But how can we convince the sceptics to live a more sustainable lifestyle when the system is geared towards consumption? Government action, perhaps? Yes in part, but due to a lack of action from our political elite, today, it’s CHEAPER to make things from raw materials, drawn from the Earth, than it is from recycled sources. That's not right.

Introducing Project Earth

Winner of the Positive Luxury Awards, 2020, Selfridges is on a mission to "change the way we shop"! Their launch Project Earth, it a pioneering sustainability initiative committing to science-backed targets for fully ethical consumption by the year 2025.

To create a brighter future Selfridges commits to make changes to three pillars of consumption; materials, models and mindsets.

Make materials better for people and the planet.

They will work with their suppliers to ensure that ALL of the most environmentally impactful materials used in their business will come from certified, sustainable sources by 2025 – from products to property – shaping an approach that reduces our dependency on virgin resources and respects nature.​

Pioneer new retail models and experiences.

To demonstrate the possibility and power of circular retail, showcasing a series of new collaborations for resale, rental, refill and repair.


Put longevity, creativity and sustainability, at the heart of their business and engage with teams, partners and customers to effect change by talking about the part we can all play in co-creating a better future.

This sets a new benchmark for sustainable retail from fashion to beauty. Prada’s new re-nylon global launch of their repurposed nylon fabric range, and even re-Selfridges - a vision for reselling your clothes in their stores when you’re done. We love the idea of an upmarket car boot sale in Selfridges. What could be better?!

Selfridges in Partnership with SKIN SAPIENS

The mindset behind Project Earth and Selfridges’ commitments align so well with our ethos and everything we do at SKIN SAPIENS. That's why as an indie brand with humble beginnings, we’re over the moon to have partnered with them on Project Earth Beauty - a curation of the world's most sustainable beauty brands. Buying Better, Inspiring Change. 

We couldn’t be more excited to be joining this journey with such a great retail brand.

You can check us out in their limited edition Project Earth Beauty bags, available at Selfridges.com.

Because In 2020, luxury doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Our job is to make planet conscious skincare accessible to all. And that vision just took a delightful turn for the yellow. 

Peace. Love. Calm.

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