Hyaluronic acid: 3 surprising benefits for skin

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What is Hyaluronic acid? 

Okay, so, scientifically speaking, what’s hyaluronic acid? Although the word itself may sound a bit complicated (both to pronounce and to spell) , the much loved skincare ingredient is actually something we find in our bodies from birth. Hyaluronic acid is a long sugar molecule found naturally in our body, mainly in our skin, eyes and joints. 

So... good news is our body is able to produce this molecule on its own. As time goes by, the amount of naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid in our bodies decreases. That's one of the reasons why, as we get older, our skin can begin to look less hydrated, plump and smooth. And what can we do about it? Well, the best news yet is that we can give our skin a helping hand by building hyaluronic acid into our daily skincare routine. 

Hyaluronic acid: 3 surprising benefits for skin

Benefits of Hyaluronic acid for your skin

  • Boosts skin’s moisture levels. How? by binding water to collagen and trapping it inside the skin to make it look plumper, glowy and more hydrated. In fact, This plumping effect is a naturally simple way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Tip: If when choosing a cosmetic product you are looking to get the hydrating benefits of hyaluronic acid, it's best to choose a moisturizing cream or serum. Why? because it’s absorbed better and quicker through the skin. 

  • Less fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid not only replenishes the skin but also increases collagen levels by stretching the collagen-producing cells known as fibroblasts. And we all know how good collagen is to reduce the different signs of ageing. 

  • Speeds up wound healing. Studies show that hyaluronic acid can actually speed up wound healing.
Hyaluronic acid: 3 surprising benefits for skin

Choosing your hyaluronic acid 

So now it’s time to choose your product. Now-a-days  a huge  number of skincare  products claim to have hyaluronic acid in their formulations, but how can you find out if that’s really true? The surest way is to look at a product’s full ingredients list. 

But here’s the interesting part, it’s unlikely you’ll find the words “hyaluronic acid” on the ingredients (or INCI) list. Instead most skincare formulations contain sodium hyaluronate. So what’s the difference? In reality, not much. The biggest difference; Sodium hyaluronate is the salt form of hyaluronic acid and has a smaller size. This means that it can penetrate deeper into the skin, to be more effective than other forms of hyaluronic acid. 

Concentration: Is more, more?

It’s more and more common to see percentage concentration of hyaluronic acid on the front label. In fact, it’s almost becoming something of an arms race in the cosmetics world for bigger and bolder claims. Scientific research shows that sodium hyaluronate is effective at hydrating skin at anything above 0.25% concentration in water based formulations. And leading dermatologists generally agree that anything over 1% cannot be absorbed, meaning stronger concentrations are likely to sound better, but have similar efficacy to those in the efficacious 0.25% to 1.0% range. Here you have the science. 

When it comes to your hyaluronic acid, more important than the percentage weight of a formula, is the type of hyaluronic acid used. Low molecular weight sodium hyaluronate is much more effective in smaller concentrations than high molecular weight alternatives.

If you're looking for effective and innovative formulations containing hyaluronic acid, then Skin Sapiens Glow and Balance serums are your best choice. Not only containing the optimal amount of a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (0.3%), they’re also formulated with other great active botanicals which are specific for your skin needs. 

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Thanks to its many properties, these two facial serums become gentle and efficacious products that respect your skin in the most natural way. 
The best? Both of them are dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.  Certified COSMOS Natural, vegan and Leaping Bunny International Cruelty-Free. 1% of every sale also goes to charities fighting climate change. 

Order yours here and remember, as part of our promise to make good skincare easy, you can “try when you buy”, on every item purchased directly from Skin Sapiens. No questions asked, if you’re not happy, we’ll refund your purchase less the cost of shipping.

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