Hello, I’m James, founder of Skin Sapiens.

In 2017 I became dad to our little boy Alex. Like every new parent I wanted to do everything to protect him, not least to care for his sensitive skin.

I had worked for one of the world’s biggest beauty businesses, so I knew how products were made. I also knew that done in the wrong way, skincare can be the cause, rather than the cure.


A Dad on a mission, I set about finding a more natural way of caring for my family’s skin. Having suffered with eczema and acne, I was sure I could help other people look after their skin with greater sensitivity too.

I determined to find an alternative to synthetic formulas and alien ingredients; to create something I knew and trusted. And just like that, our indie skincare company was born.

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How? By marrying nature and science to blend nature's best active botanicals. Then stopping, leaving out the junk that can sneak its way into formulations and instead making pure, natural skincare that works. I knew I had to do it with kindness to our planet and those who live on it, with honesty and a smile, always.

And so, with the help of many clever and generous people Skin Sapiens has grown from the first balm, made in my kitchen, into a range of plant-powered skincare products that do exactly as they claim - for everyone, whatever skin you’re in.

(what’s next...) We're still writing that bit!



SAPIENS used with homo / an Ancient Greek word meaning “SAME”. SAPIENS is from an old Latin word meaning “WISE”. Together SAME / WISE, or in real speak, "LIKEWISE".

Not a single person, nor a product. Not a skincare range nor a company but a collective of people who share a vision for a better future.

Undefined by race, gender or religion. United in loving our planet.

Together, we are SKIN SAPIENS.