Ever wondered why your skincare is made from 40 things you've never heard of and smelly enough to knock-out a cat? 

Yep, us too! 

SKIN SAPIENS is an indie British skincare start-up with a difference. The antidote to everything that's troubling in the skincare industry, we exist on Earth for one reason ... to help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Out with all things complex, wasteful and oversold, in with sustainable plant powered formula, so you can find your natural glow.


We started in a kitchen back in 2017. Founder James had just become a new father to this little man, baby Alex. Unwilling to put the "unknown" on his sensitive skin. He decided the best way to fix this was to make his own.

 Baby Alex 

James turned to Mother Nature and chose the best plant-powered active ingredients to nourish and protect his boy. Then he worked day and night to leave out everything else in the pursuit of natural simplicity.

A home-made balm was tested on his own skin, then on Alex, then on his friends. It worked so well; he decided the rest of the world should try it too. 

James Jardella Founder Skin Sapiens


To go from a balm to a something bigger, James needed cash, quick! After selling his London flat to raise money (time will tell how wise that was), the summer of 2019 saw us crowdfund on Indiegogo.

That year Christmas came two weeks early. We were stoked to finally ship our sustainable skincare sets out to backers as far as Rio, New York and Mumbai. 

SKIN SAPIENS Crowdfunding indiegogo better skin better planet

In January 2020, the first SKIN SAPIENS products, a capsule range for sensitive skin of all ages and genders, were released for sale in recycled AND recyclable packs.

And so, with oodles of help from some very clever people, SKIN SAPIENS was born.


Today, our formulations are made by our friends at a sustainable lab in Stockholm, Sweden. Think Nordic minimalism, bicycles and the best conscious skincare nature has to offer.

Shipping our award winning products worldwide from Staffordshire, United Kingdom, we'd like to be your one-stop-shop for all things naturally good for your skin.

If buying from strangers isn't your bag, no biggie. Head over to Selfridges in store or online, where you can find us in the Project Earth Beauty edit.

And the rest?

We're still writing that bit.

If we sound like your cuppa, jump on for the ride.

PS. want to chat with the team? Email us at tribe @

You bring the cup, we'll make the tea.

Bicycle ride SKIN SAPIENS