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We believe that everybody should know what they put on their skin and into the environment. We believe in nature. We believe in the planet and most of all, we believe in transparency. That’s why we list every ingredient and what is does on our packaging. Yes, all of them. In plain English. And that’s why our packaging is made up of recycled plastic. The skincare revolution is here. Join the movement.

Start small, think big.

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Together we can bring greater transparency to the beauty industry. Let’s do this.  


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We put the people and the planet first. We stand up for clean skin with a clear conscience. We test all our products on real people. We only use COSMOS approved natural ingredients from sustainable sources. We use as much recycled packaging as we can to protect our sensitive planet.

Nothing wasteful. Nothing hidden. Nothing over sold. Nothing to worry about.

We only have one business plan. To make skin care products with as few ingredients as possible. Without a negative effect on the environment.

We’re on a mission to save our skins. We started with nothing. And we want to keep it that way.


We started in a kitchen in Madrid. When baby Alex was born, we realised we couldn’t bring ourselves to use a commercial skin product on his sensitive skin.

Having worked for some of the biggest cosmetics companies out there, we know that the world is full of products that don’t fully list their ingredients. Ever wondered what goes into the perfume listed in the small print? Yep us too! We thought the best way to start fixing this was to start making our own. So, we locked ourselves in a dark room and thought hard about a different approach. Something natural that’s good for the skin and good for the planet.

We put everything in to leave everything out. A simple home-made balm that was tested on our own skin, then on (Alex) then on our friends. It worked so well; we decided the rest of the world should try it too. And so, Skin Sapiens was born.

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