Shouldn't Skincare Be Easier?

We empower our customers to be more savvy, conscious and to be able to decide what they put into their skins and the planet knowing the facts first.

Shouldn't Skincare Be Easier?

Your world is changing.

There was a time when caring for your skin and looking good was easy. Cleopatra went down in history as one of the most striking women on the planet. Her secret? Bathing in donkey milk. Yep, really.

Since then, beauty and science have teamed up like two halves of the same orange. Only, the juice it squeezes has gotten a little complex, and its taste has gone sweet to bitter. Why? It’s a tale of Big Business and Big Profit.

Our shopping habits have nurtured Big Business, since forever. In return, Big B has sold us all perfection in everything. Big B is darn good at it too. Perfect skin,
perfect face and a perfect body. We’ve learned to love products sold in pristine
packaging, worn by flawless models. The pressure from outside to look perfect is
real, it’s your face, quite literally.

Truth and integrity have taken a back seat.

When it comes to creating new skincare, an age-old formula for success tends to
resurface again and again in the industry.

juicy claim + nice smell + cheap content + high price = tidy profit

Over black tea and shortbread, three questions kick-off the most skincare
formulations. “Who’s it for?” What claims do you want to make?” How much do you want to charge?”

And the good stuff? “Spell out what it does," and "do what it says it'll do”, or “keep it real”. Good question.  

 So, where does that leave you? Thirsty for more? Not likely.

Don’t judge a cream by its claims

A good read and your favourite skincare share something in common. The cover is a cover. It’s what inside that counts. If you're hunting for a page turner, or want to try something new to nourish your skin, you've got three choices.

  1. Go shopping, looks good, grab it!
  2. Help! Ask a friend (or pharmacist, or Google).
  3. Pick something up, flip to the back, and check what it’s packing.


We've all tried the first. It can be fun, if not a gamble.

Great advice is invaluable.

But making sense of what you're buying … hello!

So picking great skincare is as easy as turning over your pack and reading the ingredient’s list, right?!. Almost.

Kudos to you, chemistry nerds.

Know your tocopherol from your benzoic acid? Hurrah!

If that’s not you, the trouble with sneaking a peak at skincare ingredients is that for the most part, they make no sense. The more complex the cream, the harder it is to get to grips with what’s inside. Long ingredient’s lists, complicated names and small print aren’t helpful.

Even an ingredients list won’t tell you everything you might like to. Is it synthetic or natural? If natural, is it vegan? If vegan, what plant has it come from? If from a plant, was it sustainably farmed? Ask those questions of each of the ingredients in your cream, without straight forward answers, and skincare stops being fun.

If you’re like us, you’re probably thinking…

“Hang-on… we’re talking cosmetics here, not medicines.  Couldn’t this all be easier?

One. Word. Answer. Yes!

Let's face it, donkey milk can be hard to come by these days. And Cleopatra probably got the good stuff without having to give Eeyore's aunt a rub-down. So, you’re probably buying off the shelf skincare. But the point is, if something feels overcomplicated, it usually is.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) have looked into the issue with a study of 30,000 Americans. Their findings? On average, women rub 168 different substances into their skin daily. For men, it’s 85. Another study put that figure nearer 515.

 Whether you’re putting 85, or 168 or half a thousand things on your skin each day, one thing is certain. Your skin would be A-OK with A LOT fewer.

Complexity is a barrier, not a bonus. So, you want to take charge of what you put on your skin, you need a simple solution.

Let’s make it easier

If knowledge is power, then learning is empowerment.

 Fortunately, learning to take control of what you put on your skin isn’t studying Chemistry. It’s choosing the stuff you know.  

 If you know what's in your creams and lotions you're in control what you put on your face and body. Likewise, if you know where those ingredients come from, and what’s in your packaging, you’re in control of your impact on the environment. It’s that easy.

 It’s time you were empowered to make great choices. Own what you put on your skin, into the planet. For that to happen, you need to take the junk out of your creams, lotions and gels, and be told what’s inside, without the jargon.

We’re here to help you do just that.

So… if Big B is calling the shots, ask some questions. Treat your skin cream like a novel you’ve just found on an empty seat on your commute home from work. Before devouring, turn it over and check the back for what’s inside. If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not your fault. There is another way.

Join us. Take back control, and be part of the movement, for a better skin and planet.


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