For: Dry, irritated skin, fine lines & wrinkles

Blend: Calendula & glycerin

Result: Hydrated, supple, soft skin without the greasy feeling.

Unperfumed / to reduce the risk of skin sensitivity and flare-ups.

Dermatologically tested / suitable for all skin types, even sensitive! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Nice and light, no scent

Love this cream. I use it morning and night and have been for a year or so. It’s really suited to my skin. 👌

Pa T
FAce cream

Face cream, its really lovely, its quick absorb and nourish my skin, its clean smooth and lovely texture. I like it. only dowbside is, its a bit more runny than I expect and first few time after oppening tube I get out more then needed. all other its nice and I like the cream, as its nourish and moisture skin nicely. And no nasty chemical and go green:-) thank you

Chloe Townsend
I love this stuff

I love it, my skin loves it - it's a win-win. This face cream is moisturizing without being too heavy on my face. It doesn't leave an oily sheen and I usually use it before putting my make up on. A little definitely goes a long way and I'm here for it.

Suzanne Manning
The Best

I had almost given up on finding a face cream that will care for my skin and care about the environment too . . . And not cost the earth . . . And won’t overwhelm me with strong perfume or a strange smell . . . And is a delight to use. I love Skin Sapiens so much that I also bought the baby (body ) lotion and the baby bath gel. This beautiful face cream keeps my skin completely hydrated and nourished all day and it has never felt better. My hands were so dry, flaky and sore and nothing seemed to really sink in and do anything, so I tried some face cream on them for only a couple of days and the result was so good that I went and bought the baby lotion and bath gel, which I use in the shower. My hands look ten years younger, the skin on my face, arms and legs is also looking good and I can’t imagine using anything else now.

Sonia Lal
Hydrated, healthy looking skin!

This Face Cream is so nice , light in texture and a little goes a long way, it sinks into skin so nicely, face feels clean and hydrated and healthy looking and any tightness in the skin is gone, it’s a really good face cream as I use it day and night.