YOUR SENSITIVE SKIN SAVIOR: Join the skin-wise people who've found a match made on Earth. This fragrance-free cleansing gel is the go-to for sensitive skin, offering a soothing cleanser enjoyed by all ages and genders, from teenage skincare to anti-ageing, for rosacea and anti-redness.

ECO-CONSCIOUS BEAUTY: Raise your face wash game with nature's goodness. Embrace the power of vegan, certified natural ingredients, and enjoy the gentle cleanse of cruelty-free beauty. With 1% of every sale donated to charity, this cleanser cares for nature as well as it washes you.

FINE FOAM SOFTNESS: Discover the key to our gel as it lathers into a fine foam. Made without harsh detergents to effortlessly remove makeup, clear pores and wash away daily impurities without causing tight, dry skin. Rinse well for the smoothest foaming cleanser finish and always moisturise once you’re done. ADD TO CART now.

CONSCIOUS REVOLUTION: Be part of the change with our recycled, recyclable packaging and long-lasting format. It's not just a cleanser; it's one more piece in the puzzle for a circular beauty future.

RADIANCE IN A TUBE: Illuminate your skin daily with our fine foam bubble. Experience the coveted glow that reviewers rave about. Simplicity meets efficacy in this daily essential for a vibrant complexion.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Sophie De Groot
My go to skin cleanser!

I have extremely sensitive combination skin, which is prone to eczema as well as hormonal acne. After years of being frustrated about how my skin looks and every cleanser I tried breaking me out, I stumbled across SKIN Sapiens cleaner a year ago. My skin has never been better. It is gentle enough that it doesn’t cause my skin to react and leaves it feeling clean and hydrated without any of that horrible tightness I had previously come to associate with skin cleansers. I feel so much more confident and comfortable now this skin cleanser has helped clear up my skin. Also, it’s cruelty free and vegan, which is a huge incentive for me. I can’t see myself ever using anything else!

The best cleanser I have used!

I'm a man with very sensitive skin and have previously really struggled to find a cleanser that works for me. Most of the big-name brands available at the supermarket or pharmacy have caused me varying degrees of discomfort and skin irritation. The Skin Sapiens facial cleanser, on the other hand, has worked wonders for me. I always feel refreshed after I use it and my skin definitely looks clearer. I can even use it without issue shortly after shaving, when my skin is at its most sensitive. Highly recommended!

Donna Gavin
Excellent Cleanser

This is by far the best cleanser I have used. I have very sensitive skin with Rosacea, dry in some areas and also acne prone and it does not upset any of these issues.

My daily cleanser!

I love the Skin Sapiens facial cleanser for its fragrance-free and delicate, yet very effective cleansing power. I use this nightly to clean my face after the day and I love that it's not too harsh on my skin. During the Black Friday sales, I stocked up on two bottles because I know I'll want to keep using this in the year ahead!

Gentle Cleanser without unnecessary fragrance

Love this cleanser!